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The Five County Treatment and Youth Rehabilitation Center Mission Statement is to support member communities in their efforts to reduce and eliminate, where possible, juvenile crime. To accomplish this we will protect victims of juvenile crime and the public at large by maintaining a secure, state of the art detention facility, by continually role modeling the pro-social behaviors we teach, and by adhering to the highest quality programming standards practicable in our efforts to help juvenile offenders develop competencies that will empower them to lead productive, crime-free lives.

Current Newsletter

Five County August 2015 Newsletter


Our first quarter recognition goes to Spencer Oliverson. Spencer has been working with the facility since 2012 and is one of our Full Time Therapeutic Technicians. We would like to thank Spencer for his dedication and hard work. Runner ups are Janeen Elliot, Kory Orme, and Jeanette Lundquist. Thanks for being a great part of our Team!!