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5-C Director

Nicky Chavez's picture
Nicky Chavez

Administrative Assistant

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Kristine Richards

Clinical Program Manager

Vail Codling LCSW's picture
Vail Codling LCSW

Supervisor/Case Manager

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Michael Hogle
Training Coordinator/Staff Supervisor
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Gina Jensen BA
Case Manager/Staff Supervisor
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Kyle Gould
Drug and Alcohol Specialist

Fremont County School District #215 Education Staff

Ben Garcia Ed S
Director of Special/Education Programs
Marie Worrell BA
Paraprofessional, Teacher
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Marilee Wigginton
5-C Head of Education Teacher, BS Biology Education
Kent Stewart
5-C Teacher, BA Health, Science
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Ida Butigan
Food Service Supervisor

Medical Staff

Dr Kelly Palmer
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Tonya Chandler LPN
5-C Nurse

Badger Medical Services

Dr Jeffery Keller MD


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Larry Bradley
Detention Clinician, LCSW
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Alice Manwaring
Treatment Clinician, LMSW