I would like to recognize the collaborative partnership bewteen the 5-C Center  with the State Department of Education-Idaho Childrens Trust Fund. This past year 5-C  Head Teacher Merilee Wigginton applied for a grant with the Idaho Children's Trust Organization. 5-C was awarded a grant to assist in purchasing new electronic computerized infants, training for two staff, and contued enhancement to the 5-C Parenting Program. 5-C was pleased and excited to be awarded the grant, and purchased the new equipment. Our 5-C Education staff Merilee Wiggington and Theraputic Technician Janeen Elliott were given training in Boise and carried the Training back to the 5-c Managment Team. In the last year Taryn Yates traveled to the facility and assisted in an all staff training. It was a comprehensive training where the movie "Paper Tigers" was shown to all 5-C staff. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of the 5-C staff and the recognition and partnership with the Idaho Childrens Trust Fund to continue to help youth learn life/vocation skills from our Parenting Program!!!



Nicky Chavez