Fri, 12/07/2012 - 9:37pm By Nicky Chavez
Ropes Course

Five County December 2012 Newsletter

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VALIDATE: We will be discussing this in the next two DBT Skills Corners!

Part #1 Validating is a very effective tool when you are working on improving relationships. Specifically, it can show that:

  • We are listening
  • We understand
  • We are being non judge mental
  • We care about the relationship
  • Conflict is possible with decreased intensity

In addition, validation can result in a communication partner who is:

  • More calm
  • Less angry
  • More receptive to what we have to say

Have you every had a time when you felt invalidated and contrast that to another time when you did? How were the two times different? How did you feel each time? How did it affect your behavior each time? Let's work on the skills above with your interactions with others and see how much of a difference validating others can make in our relationships with others!


Gardening Project

The "Master Gardeners" were back working hard during this year. It is now winter but we wanted to share some of the juveniles' accomplishments. They were able to plant their gardens again this year and grew numerous vegetables including green peas, carrots, radishes, zucchini squash, green beans and Jalapeno peppers. They also grew some huge sunflower plants and even Rosemary herbs. The Lady Warrior(Female) and Eagles (Male) groups each had their own raised planter beds to show off their gardening skills. It has been a great experience for the residents to learn hands on what it is like to go through the process of planting and growing a garden. They were able to reap the rewards by tasting their finished products. It was a great success again this year!!!



If you haven driven your vehicle by the Center over the Summer you probably noticed wood poles being placed in the facility compound. The 5-C Rehabilitation Center Ropes Course was constructed. It began with collaboration from 3-B Detention (Idaho Falls, Detention Center) Director Brian Walker's assistance in design. We would like to thank Brian for his partnership in assisting 5-C in ideas, and design to construct the course.

The Course is finally completed thanks to the team efforts of Director Nicky Chavez, Staff Supervisor Donald Michael Hogle II and 5-C maintenance staff Travis Frisby and Nathan Frisby. With Leadership from Michael Donald Hogle the vision has became a reality.

Michael Hogle has trained on the course. The Lady Warrior and Eagle residents had the opportunity to experience team work, trust, and confidence by participating on the new course at the Summer Barbeque Group Builder Activities.

The Ropes Course will be utilized for training use with Five County Therapeutic Technicians/Juvenile Detention Officers encouraging teamwork within the agency. We look forward to many years of use with this therapeutic tool at the Center.



The babies are back in full force around the Center. The Eagles group completed the six hours of classroom work a day for two weeks studying Infant and Child First Aide and CPR, Birth Control, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Money Management and Budgeting, Child Abuse, Adoption Options, Infants Safety, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and Fetal Alcohol Effects along with affects from drug use during pregnancy, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Womb Development and Infant and Toddler Development.

The residents took turns wearing the "pregnancy suit" for 24 hours and actually even had a "baby shower". This suit is designed to simulate pregnancy. It is a body suit with the belly area full of water, with a small ball in the middle that moves in the water, balls that press up against the ribs and it is also weighted down with sand.

Many of the residents learned a new appreciation for what women must endure during pregnancy carrying around extra weight. It was humorous to listen, talk, and hear some of their remarks. "My back hurts", how long do I have to war this?", and "I feel sorry for what my mom went through". It definitely brings smiles to all the staff and residents.

The final part of the class was one week of caring for a "computerized simulator newborn doll". They are equipped with car seats, diapers, bottles, diaper bags, clothes, blankets and baby wipes. The dolls come with birth certificates which the residents get to name. They are responsible to care for the newborn twenty four hours a day for a full week. The dolls are put on all different newborn "schedules" and are up crying at all times of the day and night. They require feedings, diaper changes and even burping. By the end of the week, resident are sure tired and develop a new appreciation of the responsibilities it takes to care for a child. 

The Lady Warriors are now taking their turn going through the class. The class is offered twice a year to the residents. It is a popular class that many residents state is one of their favorites. The equipment was all supplied through a generous grant from the Idaho Children's Trust Fund.