Telephone calls generally occur between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. daily.

Two outgoing telephone calls per week are permitted for Detention Residents (10 Minutes). Juveniles in Detention may over time earn a privilege for a third call in a one week period. The Week is considered to start Sunday and go through Saturday. Juveniles in Treatment Programming may earn additional weekly phone calls.  Calls are limited to 15 minutes.

Parents may call 208-624-1345 to speak to a Center Staff or member of Managment.

5-C staff may end a call if there is suspicion of inappropriate verbal conduct by a juvenile or the other party.  There may be occasions where a telephone call will be placed on speaker phone.  In this case, the party on the other end will be notified.

Residents that abuse telephone privileges may result in phone use loss or restriction with juvenile probation approval.

Juveniles' have the right to contact their attorney, juvenile probation officer, or contracting agency personnel assigned to their case management. Phone calls will be conducted during the scheduled time for telephone calls and during normal business hours.  Juveniles are expected to make the appropriate arrangements with staff.

A record of telephone calls will be kept indicating the person who was called.

Juveniles' are permitted to receive and send letters daily.  5-C will provide postage, envelopes and paper. All incoming mail is opened in the presence of a juvenile in order to remove any money or other items not permitted.  Any unapproved items will be logged and stored with personal belongings.  Any contraband (illegal or prohibited items) will be confiscated.

No writing or pictures are allowed on the outside of the envelope except the address of the person receiving your letter, along with the full return address.

5-County Detention
423 North 2300 East
St. Anthony,Idaho 83445

Mail to other institutions must be cleared through the contracting agency and a member of management.  Phone calls and mail to individuals other than parents or legal guardians is subject to approval.