By Nicky Chavez

5-C Employee Of The Quarter


Audrey Garett

Every quarter we give recognition to employees who have gone above and beyond with their work here at the Center. Or employee of the quarter is Therapy Tech Audrey Garrett. Wether it is an emergency or a vacation for the full time staff, Audrey is always willing to come in and fill the shift. Audrey started at the Center in November of 2010. She is a wonderful asset to the facility.

5-C Runner Up Employees

Chandler  Mattingly  Harrigfeld

We would also like to recognize our runner up Therapy Tech's: Ben Mattingly, Ray Batton, Monie Harrigfeld, and our nurse Tonya Chandler. Thank you for the great job!!


Sad News


On November 3, 2011 5-C suffered a great loss here at the facility. Our theraputic dog Neiko passed away due to complications from surgery. She was a great team member and a great friend to the residents and staff at Five County Rehabiliation Center. She was an amazing and gifted dog and her absence has left a void with all of us.


DBT Skills Corner


Our skill featured this quarter is an Emotional Regulation Skill. We call it PLEASE MASTER. We all need to reduce our vulnerability to negative emotions, and stay out of our emotional mind. A way to remember these skills is to remember the term PLEASE MASTER.

P & I: Physical Illness. (treat) Take care of your body. See a doctor when necessary and take your prescribed medication.

E: Eating (balance). Don't eat too much or too little. Stay away from foods that make you feel overly emotional.

Image removed.A: Altering drugs (avoid mood altering drugs). Stay off non prescribed drugs including alcohol.

S:  Sleep (balance) Try to get the amount of sleep that helps you feel good. Keep to a sleep program if you are having difficulty sleeping.

E: Exercise (get) Do some sort of exercise every day, try to build up to 20 minutes of vigorous exercise.

MASTERY: (build) Practice the above and make it a habit!

When we take care of ourselves, we can take care of others. This a valuable, healthy tool for everyone. Remember practice makes perfect!!


Holiday Activities


Holidays do not go unoticed here at Five County. Residents who earned the privilege of the Halloween Party were able to test their vocies with Karaoke, play pool and air hockey. Treatment residents participated in pie eating and a painted pumpkin contest. Christmas also was a fun activity. Residents were able to compete in a gingerbread house and sugar cookie decorating contests. A good time was had by all.

Meet our Kitchen Staff


Thanksgiving dinner was turkey and all the trimmings, including pumplin pie. Christmas Dinner was ham and all the trimmings. Not only does our kitchen staff go all out over the holidays, they work hard to prepare excellent meals every day of the week. Our kitchen manager is Tami Andersen. tami began managing our kitchen in April of 2007 and runs a "tight ship". Everything is made from scratch from dinner rolls to deserts. The kitchen staff workers include Ida Bugitan, Connie evans, and Darlene Mayhall. Five County boasts a fully equipped, state of the art kitchen. Wether it is nachos, pot roast, lasagna or burgers, the food is fabulous. We want the kitchen staff to know how much we appreciate their hard work!