By Nicky Chavez

Five County July 2012 Newsletter

Submitted by Nicky Chavez on Tue, 07/31/2012 - 10:12am

Inspirational Visitors

The Center was recently visited by some special visitors. Motivational Speaker Hasan Davis, who is a performer, youth advocate and motivator came to speak with the residents about his early history of social and academic challenges including learning disabilities, pre-teen arrest and expulsion for alternative school and college. He overcame these challenges by a change in attitude and opinion of his own personal worth. He graduated from Berea College and was elected president of the student body. He went on to graduate from law school. He has worked in all areas of youth development including Alternative School Educator to Youth Violence Prevention Specialist to Vice-Chair of the Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice. Hasan shared his enthusiasm with the youth at Five County and encouraged the residents that no matter what has happened in their past, they can succeed in their future!!

The Lady Warrior Group (Female Juvenile Residential Group) also had a special visitor. Giovanna Sweat dropped by to speak with our female residents. Miss Sweat is from Rexburg, Idaho and attended Madison High School. She won the Miss Rexburg Pageant and then won the Miss Riverview Pageant. She spoke about her journey through pageants, overcoming fears and her responsibilities now representing and serving the state of Idaho. She spent time talking about giving of your self through service for others. She discussed the beauty that comes from inside out and how each young woman may recognize a higher self worth through the beauty gained by serving others.

The Eagles Group (Male Juvenile Residential Group) was privileged to have a visit from the famous local home town defensive end Brandon Bair. Brandon Bair is the defensive end for the Kansas City Chiefs. He grew up in the town of St. Anthony, Idaho and enjoys spending the little free time he has reaching out to youth as a motivational speaker. He shared his story with the residents about how you can achieve your life goals and dreams if you just put your mind to it, focus, and work hard!! The residents enjoyed their time with the celebrity. It is our goal here at the Five County Rehabilitation Center to instill confidence in residents, that they too can make changes in their lives and reach their ultimate potential by being the best they can be!!


5-C Employee of the Quarter



Congratulations to  our employee of the Quarter Ben Seare. Ben has been with the Center for almost one year and has shown great dedication to his job as a Juvenile Detention Officer and rehabilitative line staff. He has worked with high risk youth and has shared his talents, skills, and abilities to help youth. He has a background in music and has implemented a music (piano) program at the facility. He is always a willing hand and a caring staff. We appreciate his hard work. Congratulations to our runner ups, Ben Mattingly, MoNee Harrigfeld, Nephi Paredes, and Terry Delong. These staff have continued to contribute greatly to helping juvenile offenders within the Center. Thanks to all of You!!!


DBT Skills Corner

An awesome DBT training was offered to Five County Staff and Community Partners of Clark, Fremont, Jefferson, Madison and Teton Counties. Debbie Lynn, who is the training administrator in juvenile corrections for the state of Washington facilitated a two day intensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy Training to staff, probation officers, and other community treatment staff. Attendees learned an assortment of DBT Skills including how to incorporate skills in their individual treatment facilities, practice, and to be more effective in helping delinquent youth. Other skills taught included how to complete a comprehensive Behavioral Chain Analysis or B.C.A. This is a process of helping a client walk through their thinking behind their negative actions or emotional dis-stress. The training was a great success. Many of those in attendance left expressing a motivation to use what they learned in their professional fields.


Congratulations Graduates!!

We are proud to announce the newest graduates of the Idaho Peace Officers Standard Training (POST) in Meridian, Idaho. This is a three week training for Juvenile Detention Officers. Our graduates worked very hard and all passed with flying colors! Congratulations to Terry Delong, Troy Simmons, Ray Batton, and Patricia Wilson. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication.