Welcome to the Five County Youth Rehabiliation Center. It is my pleasure to be your host as you navigate our web pages. Employees at Five County are highly trained professionals dedicated to helping juveniles learn new skills that will empower them to transition successfully back into thier communities. We are committed to providing excellent treatment in a secure facility.

Five County Youth Rehabilitation Center is a county owned and operated perimeter secure facility operating under the Balanced Approach of Restorative Justice principles providing community protection, accountability, and competency development.

The facility is state of the art perimeter secure Detention Center( offering Treatment Excellence) and Youth Rehabiliation Facility. The facility has a total of 56 Beds. 16 Beds are reserved for juveniles placed in Detention from surrounding counties. The Detention Center serves the counties of Fremont, Teton, Clark, Madison, and Jefferson counties. 5-C also contracts with out of area counties including Butte, Franklin, Idaho Counties, and Teton County, Wyoming.

Five County contracts with the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, and the State of Montana Department of Corrections. Five County provides safe and secure residential treatment for female juveniles committed to the custody of the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, and State of Montana Department of Corrections. Five County is a secure Contract Provider for Residential Treatment for Juvenile Offenders.

Five County contracts to stage juveniles that are waiting transfer in the juvenile justice system for the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, and the State of Montana Department of Corrections.

Five County has implemented Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT as a foundation for treatment in the facility. Five County utalizes evidence strength based cognitive curriculums, in addition toward building juvenile competencies.

Thank You for the opportunity to provide you with information about the Five County Detention/Treatment & Youth Rehabilitation Center . Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. I can be reached at 208-624-1345 ext 104, or email me at [email protected].

Nicky Chavez