Winter/ Spring/ Summer 2023

By Marilee Wigginton
Christmas shenanigans! 5C staff members led by some of the 5C education staff members had a little fun with Mrs. Wigginton and did Elf on the Shelf with her. Here are a few highlights of what Elfie did: Another Christmas-centered activity that we do

Summer/ Fall 2022

By Marilee Wigginton
End of Year State Testing and SATs We had a number of residents take the state ISAT tests and also a few Juniors/Seniors who took the SATs. We would like to applaud them for their hard work and doing their best on these tests. We also had a few
crab apple blossums

Spring 2022 Newsletter

By Marilee Wigginton
New Staff We continue to hire and train new staff to keep up with the needs of the juveniles in our center. We are grateful for each new staff and want to thank them for becoming part of our team! Additionally, our director and our board have been

Winter 2021-22 Newsletter

By Marilee Wigginton
Holiday Donations In December our facility gathered donations of different things like pillows, blankets, books, stuffed animals, and much more to donate to the Upper Valley Child Advocacy Center. This is something we do every year and the donations

Winter 2020-21 Newsletter

By Marilee Wigginton
Time has been rolling along here at Five County. Here are the latest happenings the last few months! Holiday Fun Thanksgiving brought lots of yummy food and the holiday spirit to our center. Five County Staff and residents led by Mo-Nee Harrigfeld

Fall 2020 Newsletter

By Marilee Wigginton
2020 Craziness! It has been a crazy year and we missed our summer newsletter. So, here is a combined newsletter from the summer and fall. So without further ado, here is our Five County newsletter: Goodbye to Mr. Hook Therapeutic Line staff Mike Hook